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Daily wage working families in Iran need help during COVID-19 outbreak

Organised for: Iranian daily waged families

Amid the shock, pain and fear of the novel Coronavirus, Iran, one of the most affected countries by the virus, has also been suffering from crippling American and international sanctions for years. These sanctions have made thousands of local businesses vanish and reversed the previously decreasing rate of poverty in this country, endangering the livelihood of millions of Iranians.

On top of the international isolation, Iranian government has been the embodiment of incompetence and discrepant statistics since the beginning of the outbreak by not shutting down pilgrim sites, offices, banks, and not quarantining the city the outbreak started from and even worse than that by mocking the international measures taken to limit the spread and misinformation campaigns on state TV that lead to the public not taking the disease seriously and continue their daily activities.

Since millions are daily-waged in Iran, they suffer from biological poverty if they don’t leave home every day. By only 20 euros you can support one whole family to have acceptable quality of nutrition for a few days.

We are directly connected to over fifty families and can send your support directly to them so they can supply themselves for one month without needing to work outside. Since the sanctions have made it impossible to send money to Iran, we have used our network of trusted people that are willing to help with the transaction. You can share the joy of getting through the hard times of quarantine by enabling at least one more family in a highly affected part of the world to also be able to stay safe.

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