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CUTS: Techno Garden Party Videographer

Organised for: CUTS: Techno Garden Party Videographer

We're a newly formed dj collective specialising in mellow and melodic electronic music and we're holding an end of year event. (we're thinking of mellow music that people can come and listen to on a warm summer's evening in mid-late June).We're trying to raise enough money to pay a videographer to film the event and put it on YouTube for all those who can't make the event. It'd be great to have this as a memory of some chilled music in a beautiful setting, which the botanical gardens definitely are! Our lead djs are in their final years studying at the Uni which would make something like this that bit more special.


All our events are in tradition non-profit, and are always free entry. 

It would be fantastic if we could raise enough to spread the love of techno and electronic music up here in Cambridge. It's what the people need.


Any excess money raised will go towards equipment cost and new event for the society.

Thank you so much for making our dream come true!

Organised by

Chris Turnbull