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CTM Festival Carbon Offset Campaign

Organised for: MoorFutures

In an effort to minimise our carbon footprint this year, we have chosen to crowdfund to offset our CO2 footprint via supporting local initiative MoorFutures Brandenburg, which works to protect the region’s moors. 


While they only cover three percent of land mass worldwide, moors store over double the carbon housed in all of the planet’s forests. They absorb carbon from the atmosphere and store it as peat, preventing it from contributing to the greenhouse effect and global warming. Many moorlands in Germany have been drained for agricultural or forestry purposes—this leads to bog soils drying out and releasing the stored carbon. Within decades, the carbon that had taken many millennia to accumulate in the soil returns to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.


MoorFutures is a regional climate protection project that works to rewet select wetlands in Brandenburg. The purchase of a MoorFuture certificate prevents the emission of one tonne of CO2 by allowing it to be fixed in the moor. Not only are greenhouse gas emissions saved in a cost-effective manner, but valuable habitats for rare animals and plants are also protected. Renewed bogs help protect biodiversity, stop soil loss, and regulate the local climate. 


We decided that this would be the best course of action for us, as, unfortunately, current German public funding regulations prohibit us from using our income to offset emissions. We’re aware that offsetting isn’t a solution, but we think it’s an important step. Outside of this campaign, we are making an effort to contribute to this conversation and develop other ways of making our operation more sustainable. If you have further questions or suggestions, please feel free to get in touch at please feel free to get in touch at wesupportyou[at] More information on MoorFutures is available here, but only in German. For updates on our crowdfunding, keep an eye on this page. 


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