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CRFC London to Amsterdam Cycle

CRFC London to Amsterdam Cycle

We're at it again! After the success of our 2017 London to Paris ride, Rocky's Rascals are reuniting and going bigger - London to Amsterdam. Ok sure, that includes a Eurostar from London to Lille but that’s still a MASSIVE 320km – 50km more than last year, and still done inside three days!


More miles, more sweat, more sore backsides. 


All in the name of two wonderful causes:


1) The Royal Trinity Hospice - who took wonderful care of Rocky(our beloved coach) and continue to do amazing work, and

2) Chiswick RFC, the community rugby club that brought us together and relies heavily on its membership support to provide a wonderful sports and social scene for all ages (seniors and juniors) and sexes. 


Please chip in whatever you can to make our suffering worthwhile! 


The Rascals x

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