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creating a project of delivering 100% homemade food

Organised for: bakkari

The project aims to achieve several developmental goals in several areas to provide a decent living for families who need a stable income per month by providing a decent work space and guaranteeing their full rights. The project's idea is to receive requests from clients and corporate workers who have difficulty in obtaining a home-made nutritious meal, by using a mobile application or via a website, then taking an inventory of the number and quality of applications to give green light at the beginning of the loading process. Project objectives:

- Creation of permanent job opportunities

- Deliver High Quality of food

-Facilitate the daily life of full-time employees

- Harnessing information transfer technologyTo fulfil this project we need at least 30000$ to buy equipements and rent  2 cars for deliveries.This project is the first of its kind in my city and my country, i hope everyone help us to make it true, we already start making contact with families who want to get a job. Also we are working on getting customers to deal with.Thank you for reading and we hope you're going to help us to make our dream and families dream a reality.

Organised by

Abdelkhalek Bakkari