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Photography for My Cookery Book

Photography for My Cookery Book

I have written a plant-based cookery book, provisionally entitled "Speedy Vegan Feasts" (the photo here is of one of the recipes, a meat- and dairy-free lasagne. Looks appetising, eh? :-) In order to have my work published, I require photos of at least half of the dishes (there are 61 in total of all types: soups, starters, appetisers, main courses, desserts, and sweet treats).  I will need to have them shot by a professional food photographer: he has done a free sample of 3 of the recipes so far, of which the pictured lasagne is one.  The photographer has quoted me a favourable rate of £850 per day, and we are aiming to shoot around 5-6 of the dishes each day, which is a lot of cooking! Therefore the estimated cost for the whole job is likely to be at least £3000, trying to do it as tightly and economically as possible. This then is the amount I am aiming to raise so that I can have the photos done professionally and get into print. Any help anyone can give towards this would be most gratefully received, and all donors will be credited in the book once it is published, and will also each receive a free copy of the book!  Vegan cookbooks are currently in high demand, since the vegan movement has exploded over the last few years, so I am confident there is a market for this book. I am hoping it will have a more general appeal, not just to vegans, but also to other people who are cutting down on meat and dairy products in their diets for whatever reason.  So if you can support my project in any way, it will be a huge help to me.

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