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Subud World Congress Fundraising

Organised for: The World Subud Association

4DAYS LEFT - LETS AIM FOR THE 1000EUROS! The goal is to work hand in hand and help as many people attend the Subud World Congress 2018.



During the meetings of the World Congress Organising Team (WCOT) and World Subud Council (WSC), we saw a strong harmony and collaboration between members of all ages and walks of life. The idea for the World Congress to focus on unity, feels like a beautiful step forward. A step worth supporting!


This is why we felt inspired to initiate a crowdfund supporting our brothers and sisters to attend this wonderful event. So if you believe in the Subud Organization, please support in anyway you can!


Below, you can find the details of where and how the donations collected will be spent:



65% to support members

35% for International Youth Travel Fund: Helping individuals between the ages of 16 to 35 years old.

30% for Assistance Funds: Helping individuals of any age cover their Congress fees.


31% to World Subud Association

The World Subud Association (WSA) has many yearly costs to cover if it wants to keep our organisation moving towards an international harmonious path.


4% for administration costs (Bank transfer and fees)


We want to remind you that Subud works solely on donations, and we really hope this crowdfunding campaign will inspire you to support the international brotherhood.


Other Important Details

You can choose to make your contributions anonymous when donating. For any donation above 500€, please contatct us first.


You can choose to earmark your donation to a specific branch of WSA. To do so, please send us a private comment when donating. Otherwise, please trust that the WSA will send the donations where it's needed (as listed above).


For any questions, contact us at


Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the Subud World Congress.


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World Congress website:

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Organised by

Sanchez Guillaume

Max Potter contributed €50

Myrna Jelman contributed

Emile Delcourt contributed

Olivia Brady contributed €15

Olivia Brady contributed €15

Olivia Brady contributed €15

Olivia Brady contributed €15

Hannah de Roo contributed €30

Subud Belgium contributed €24

Anonymous contributed

Anonymous contributed €20

Fardiyah Dickie contributed €30

Diana Vaughn contributed €100

Maya Korzybska contributed €15

Hilma Wolf-Doettinchem contributed €30

Anonymous contributed €15

Maria Schulze-Vorberg contributed €50

Olivia Brady contributed €15

Hilaria Dette contributed €65

Oliver Haitzmann contributed €25

Anonymous contributed

16 November 2017
Hannah de Roo
Well done. May this be the beginning of collecting all the support needed and more..
11 November 2017
Great work Guillaume and co. Thank you for this initiative!
1 November 2017
Diana Vaughn
You can split this between the YTF and the normal Assistance Fund
30 October 2017
Hilma Wolf-Doettinchem
Thanks a lot, Guillaume! Would it be possible to also have an English Version?
18 October 2017
dear Guillaume, thank you very much for having set up this drive. an anonymous donor from Europe