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Operation Cyclone Irma Public Gardens

Organised for: Rotary Club Isle de Saint Barthélemy

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Tourism is the base of St. Barthélemy economy. Taxi drivers, Restaurants, Hotels, supermarkets, boutiques, and many others, along with all their relative employees depend on the flux of tourists each year.


Following the devastating passage of hurricane Irma on September 6, the Rotary Club of St. Barthélemy has committed to embark on a major reconstruction/re-plantation of the public gardens around the Gustavia Harbour. This will be the third time since hurricane Louis in 1995 that the Island leaders have entrusted in our club this important project. We plan to begin with phase 1: from the pétanque field to the Tourism office. If we are able to raise more than our initial objective, we will continue rehabilitation around the harbor, in front of the Anglican Church to the kiosk.


Our members will be donating their time and expertise collaborating on the design, sourcing, supplying and financing and planting. We will create a sustainable project and avoid replantation of species that aren't adapted to our harsh conditions by working closely with the head of the environmental committee and the Collectivity of Saint Barthélemy. 


We have set an initial budget at 80,000 euros for phase 1. Our Board has agreed to put our entire treasury (40,000)  towards this ambitious project but it's clear that we will need District and private support. Our goal will be to raise 50,000 through district support and donations.


Luckily many people are motivated to help and give back to this wonderful community, but it's important to choose something sustainable. With the impact Irma will inevitably have on our tourist season and economy, it's a priority to replant as early as possible. Following Hurricane Louis in September of '95, our club and our partners were able to complete the gardens by Thanksgiving! We have a few more challenges this year but our objective might be the completion prior to Christmas 2017, welcoming back out first tourists of what will be a difficult but important season for the future of St. Barthélemy.


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Organised by

Abigail Leese