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Fox Pot

Organised for: Richard Fox

Welcome to the Fox Pot! 

Our dear friend had their van stolen this weekend from St Werbs, it was his home and everything he owns was inside it. 


We thought out of the sadness we would try to bring some humanity to the situation by collecting donations for our dear Foxy. 


Click to make a contribution.

  • Give however much you want.
  • All payments are secure

Thank you, 

Peace & Love


Organised by

harriet antink

Bethany Picton contributed £10

Amy Powell contributed £40

Jake Plant contributed £15

Master Wong XXX Of Em All contributed £10

Rhiannon Phillips contributed £10

melissa zanga contributed £10

Anonymous contributed

Jen Fox contributed £40

Woon and Zheng contributed £20

Pierre Fox contributed £20

Molly Furnival-Doran contributed £20

Hannah Greeves contributed £10

Nat Wain contributed £20

Abby Morse contributed £20

Nick Tilling contributed £20

Hannah Wyatt contributed £5

annie stevens contributed £10

Emma Ireland contributed £5

Andrew Arthur contributed £20

Hugh McIntyre contributed £5

Mike Fox contributed £100

Harriet Barton contributed £20

Jevon Hughes contributed £20

George Rudge contributed £30

7 November 2017
Hugh McIntyre
Great cause Hatty, hope this goes some way to balancing out the loss your friend has experienced. So sad to hear about but great to see something like this come from it.
7 November 2017
Anna Saviranta
Good luck x
6 November 2017
Sigy Pearce
You're awesome!
6 November 2017
Jake Howard-Dukes
So sorry to hear this Foxy, best of luck mate!