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Welcome to the River Project money pot!

Six promising London and Kent-based Painters today announce the launch of The River, a fully interactive exhibition set to transform Chatham’s Sun Pier House for three weeks in January.

“The River is an exploration of nature, history and the meaning of the Medway to the community of Chatham,” explain artists and exhibition curators Katie Brookes, Alison Boult, Nikki Gardham, Rebecca Harper, Kathryn Maple and Elizabeth McCarten.


“Like the Medway, the exhibition begins with a spring of energy, with our initial paintings, made on site, becoming the starting point for a large-scale collaged mural inspired by the river – and created with members of the public.”


We want to curate and facilitate creative workshops for members of the public via community groups, school groups, colleges and groups for older people. 

The River, which opens on Saturday 6 January 2018 and closes on Sunday 28 January 2018, provides a unique opportunity for the whole community to contribute to a special collaborative art project.


As a group of Practicing and Tutoring Artists, we believe that at a time where Arts classes in Schools have been cut, and Arts funding is competitive, we feel it is crucial to be able to offer and deliver accessable creative projects, through the facilitation of artist led workshops that engage with the community. Workshops that will help the community to reflect upon and speak about where they live today. This evolving and interactive Artwork based around the river in Chatham allows many sects of the community a chance to get engaged with their creativity, with each other, their community, and to contribute towards an exhibited Artwork in the space by the public and for the public. We are a non-for profit Artist led, self-funded initiative, we are relying on your generosity and charitable contributions to help kick off the exciting project!!!!


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Katie Brookes, Alison Boult, Nikki Gardham, Rebecca Harper, Kathryn Maple and Elizabeth McCarten x

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