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Neo Klima Community Fund

Neo Klima Community Fund

The Neo Klima Community Fund

Neo Klima is a relatively new village on the West Coast of Skopelos Island. Our community was born out of tragedy which affected many of our resident's families. In 1965 a disastrous earthquake destroyed many homes and claimed lives in the village of Paleo Klima. Much of the area was left uninhabitable and so those affected were forced to resettle in what we now proudly call our home in Neo Klima. From these dramatic beginnings our residents have forged a strong community and continue to work hard for their families.


However, like much of Greece, Neo Klima is struggling due to the effects of the global economic downturn and crises of the past decade. Our community areas, school and public services are in dire need of your support and we have therefore setup the Neo Klima Community Fund.


Your donations would be very gratefully received by our residents and put to good use supporting our community.


The Community Fund has been set up to help in these key areas:

  1. Acquiring new educational materials and tools to help upgrade our local primary school and give our children a good start in life.
  2. Finishing the construction of the stalled local community centre which would include a library, common area, offices and a study zone for our young people.
  3. To build a community garden and to help towards the general maintenance of public areas.
  4. To upgrade our public sports areas and to provide health and exercise advice/ training for all our residents.

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