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Christmas/New Year Celebration Solidarity

Organised for: Kesha Niya Project

The Christmas Days are right in front of us and very soon we will celebrate the change of the year. This festival are in europe normal every year and they remind us about family and friends and brings us together at our warm homes. While many of us wait for this time of joy, a lot of people fear it. Living on the streat means to be conftonted with hard weather conditions, it takes energy away and makes the day the italian city Ventimiglia right in front of the border to france are around 200 refugees living under a bridge and struggling with colder days and rainy storms. While the weather is in this part of the world not very dangerous it still paralyses and makes it hard to find motivation.A lot of people struggle and just a few hundred meters further thousand of lights warm the inside of the city for the festival time.The Kesha Niya Project supports the people in ventimiglia with a daily food distribution, clothes and humanitarian aid since april 2017. All our work is based on equality and direct honest contact. To make the time for our friends a bit more joyfull, we are preparing extra dishes and small presents for christmas. On the 31.12. we will have a big communal dinner with music and celebrate together in Ventimiglia. After this we will watch a movie under the bridge and end the evening together.To organize and finance our festivals we spend around 500€ besides the usual cost for the dinner. If you want to help us and celebrate the time with us, join us with a small donation.Peace and Love and happy holidays,Kesha Niya

Organised by

Frederik Bösing