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Fundraising for Kaleigh's DIPG Brain Tumour Treatment

Organised for: Kaleigh Lau

Office Raffle - Fundraising for 7 Year Old Kaleigh Lau's Brain Tumour Treatment

This website is for people who would like to contribute to the office raffle through electronic contributions. Cash payments / paper raffle tickets are also possible. Please contact Urmi Bharne via


Fundraising background: Last year my friend's 7 year old daughter, Kaleigh Lau, was sadly diagnosed with a rare, aggressive, inoperable DIPG brain tumour. After many struggles, her parents have recently moved to Mexico for specialist pioneering treatment which is having positive initial results.


Kaleigh's Campaign: Kaleigh's campaign was covered in the Evening Standard newspaper (see links below). The campaign also received support from Kaleigh’s MP and various celebrities (see Twitter feed / articles below).


Office Raffle: To fundraise for Kaleigh's treament costs we have arranged an office raffle with 40+ wonderful prizes all donated by national chains and local businesses. Tickets are £2 each. Once an electronic donation is complete, I will contact you via email with your ticket numbers. The prize draw has been updated to August 31 2017.


Prizes: Information about prizes is in my covering email / yammer message. However please contact if you would like information about them! 


Thank you so much so for your support! It means the world!


Urmi Bharne


Kaleigh's campaign:





Evening Standard newspaper:

Oct 2016 article: 

April 2017 article regarding new treatment: See article below


Femail/Daily Mail Online treatment progress:


Organised by

Urmi Bharne

UB for John Twitchen contributed £20

UB for Cally Sadler contributed £6

UB for Ashfaq Adams contributed £100

UB for Katherine Bew contributed £20

UB for Julian Jameson contributed

UB for Mark Hickey contributed £20

UB for Kimberley Gillett contributed £10

UB for Sean Bell contributed £10

UB for Mark Ayling contributed

Iva Sonne contributed £20

Penny Eastwood contributed £10

Adam Lamping contributed

UB for Naomi Hull contributed £10

UB for Yolanda Molins Jimenez contributed

UB for Sammy-Lee Newton contributed £10

UB for Helge Asbjorn Sanne contributed £20

UB for Irene Ruud Sanne contributed £20

UB for Yolanda Molins Jimenez contributed

Andrew Cuthbertson contributed

erum karim contributed

Tania Zubashchenko contributed £15

Charlotte Baylon contributed

Marium Chaudhry contributed £10

Anonymous contributed £10

29 August 2017
Penny Eastwood
Good luck Urmi, fingers crossed for you reaching your target for the lovely Kaleigh. xx
21 August 2017
erum karim
I first heard about Kayleigh in our local community in Woodford. When I started work here I realised her father used to work at Motts. Wishing Kayleigh all the best.
26 July 2017
UB for Sue Catterall
Sue Catterall donation
26 July 2017
UB for Maxine Dobson
Maxine Dobson donation
26 July 2017
UB for Adam Grimwood
Adam Grimwood donation
26 July 2017
UB for Maureen Flanagan
Maureen Flanagan donation
26 July 2017
UB for Kayi Lau
Kayi Lau donation
26 July 2017
UB for Samantha Taylor
Samantha Taylor donation
26 July 2017
UB for Chris Cox
Chris Cox donation
26 July 2017
UB for Elina Angelonidi
Elina Angelonidi donation