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Fair Trial For Harm : contribution to the defence fees

Fair Trial For Harm : contribution to the defence fees

Thank you for supporting Harm ! Merci de soutenir Harm!

Harm fait l'objet d'un procès inéquitable et a été condamné en première instance à 12 ans de prison en Chine. Suite à la couverture médiatique de cette affaire aux Pays Bas et en France, j'ai créé une page Facebook ainsi qu'un site internet ( où figurent toutes les informations. Chaque jour, toujours plus de gens rejoignent notre cause, et nous avons reçu des messages demandant comment soutenir financièrement Harm et sa famille. En effet, Harm est détenu depuis 20 mois et nous avons dû payer 150.000 euros de frais d'avocat! Et comme il est de coutume en Chine, nous allons également devoir payer la famille du défunt afin qu'ils retirent leurs accusations contre Harm. 

Donc si vous souhaitez nous aider, n'hésitez pas à contribuer sur ce site internet. 

Vous pouvez donner autant que vous le souhaitez. 

Tous les paiements sont sécurisés. 


Harm faces unfair trial and 12 years sentence in China.

Following the media coverage of Harm’s story in the Netherlands, I created a Facebook page, Fair Trial For Harm (click here to see the page) to share these reports and articles. There is also a website  where you can see more information about the case. Everyday, more and more people join this page, showing much needed love and support to Harm and his family and friends. 

We also received some very nice messages from people asking how they could financially support Harm and his family. Indeed, Harm has been detained for 20 months and already had to pay more than 150.000 euros in lawyer’s fees! And as it is the custom in China to make sure the sentence is lowered, we could also have to pay a lot of compensations to the family of the defunct...

So if you want to help a bit relieve this heavy burden, you can contribute on this website. 

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Thank you very much!

By the way, I am Diane Vandesmet, Harm's girlfriend. I come from France. Harm and I were living together in the house in Beijing when the accident happened. After the accident, I have contacted his family, seen the Dutch consular department many times, visited the lawyers and done everything I could to help him out. After the appeal hearing, I launched the media and social media campaign to help raise awareness about his case.  Here is a link to Eenvandaag news report where you can see me with Harm's parents and best friend :

And here is a picture with Harm on the wall...


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