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Running Friends of Abbot Hall Playground

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Welcome to this money pot!


We are members of the community group: Friends of Abbot Hall Playground.

We are fundraising to renew our local playground in Kendal. As the parents of young kiddie-winks we feel that since we often find ourselves in the playground before 8am on a Sunday morning - we'd like that playground to be AWESOME!


We are running the Wilmslow Half marathon on 18/03/2018 and would love you to sponsor us.


Liz, Melissa and Will have been training through the winter - braving the elements, the dark and frozen bogs of Scout Scar, and Christmas social events whilst relatively sober.


All funds raised will go straight into renovating the Park (we'll pay for the pizza and fizz afterwards ourselves!)


The community group is aiming to raise an intimidatingly large £120,000, through a mixture of pledges from charitable trusts and events like this.  Your donation might not seem much in comparison to that figure, but we will use this to attempt to raise fund-matching pledges from other sources, so anything you give will go a long way!



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Le 14 mars 2018
Martyn Bland
Best of luck both of you (and Will) x
Le 12 mars 2018
Emma Key
Good luck!
Le 15 février 2018
Roni Robbins
Go Team Kendal!!! Best of luck to you all. Lots of love Team York xxx
Le 14 février 2018
Gen Hoggarth
Please can you add a big seesaw :-)