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CAGE Gladman fighting fund appeal

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Help Dunsden take on Gladman!

This is a modern take on the story of David taking on Goliath. Except that it’s real and happening now in the tiny parish of Eye & Dunsden.


With just 140-odd houses, this ancient, rural parish has been targeted by mega-developer Gladman which wants to treble its size with 245 or more homes on the boundary with Emmer Green in Reading.


South Oxfordshire District councillors turned down the original planning application mainly on grounds of landscape value. Gladman promptly appealed the decision and there is to be a four-day public inquiry at the beginning of May.


There's a very real fear that if Gladman's appeal is accepted it will open the floodgates to a whole series of damaging housing estates being built between Reading and Sonning Common, Kidmore End and the surrounding villages. Don't let it happen – contribute to the fighting fund today!


Fighting for Eye & Dunsden
Dunsden isn’t just small: it has so few facilities that the inquiry, which should take place in the village hall, will actually be held at Henley’s Rugby Club. Eye & Dunsden has just one church and two pubs but no shop, no school and no children’s playing facilities. The parish council is struggling to cope with the development threat. 

Riding into battle to support Eye and Dunsden under the banner of CAGE (Campaign against Gladman in Eye & Dunsden) are six other local parishes: Binfield Heath, Harpsden, Kidmore End, Rotherfield Peppard, Shiplake and Sonning Common, all of whom fear the effects of setting a precedent on their doorstep. 

Across the county boundary, Emmer Green and Caversham residents are equally determined to keep Gladman away from their communities. Three residents’ associations representing Caversham and District, Caversham Park Village and Emmer Green are fighting alongside CAGE, supported by environmental action group Caversham Globe. Sonning-on-Thames has also registered an objection.


A list of further reasons for opposing this application is on the CAGE website here.


A fighting fund
Fighting an appeal costs money. Expert witnesses, legal advisors and planning experts do not come cheap. But this parish, one of the tiniest in Oxfordshire, wants to give the appeal its best shot – and that means asking local people to help out.

More than four hundred people from all the parishes and villages around objected strongly on-line to this development when it was first proposed.  If each of them were to donate just £25 that would give the embattled parish council the funds it needs to defeat the unwanted incursion.  

Every pound you can give will help Eye & Dunsden and its allies win. And our 21st century David could beat his Gladman Goliath and all the other local communities will be able to breathe again.

See also and CAGE on Facebook


Cheques should be posted and made out to Eye & Dunsden Parish Council, The Glade, Remenham Piece, Remenham Hill, Henley on Thames, RG9 3ET


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Le 29 mars 2018 Rhys Joyce a écrit :

We are making fantastic progress: almost halfway to our target. We have identified a possible barrister with experience of defeating Gladman. Please keep donating so that we can afford to be legally represented at the planning inquiry from May 1st!

Le 21 mars 2018 Rhys Joyce a écrit :

We are nearly at £3,000 of online donations! With postal contributions and pldeges from parish councils that means the grand total is nearer an amazing £8,000.Posters and leaflets are continuing to go out and our planning experts are busy preparing their expert evidence. We hope to provide transport to the Inquiry in May.Please keep donating and help us reach our target!

Le 11 mars 2018 Rhys Joyce a écrit :

Many thanks to the 42 generous people who have contributed so far. Eye & Dunsden Parish Council will add £1,500 to the appeal fund.

Le 9 mars 2018 Rhys Joyce a écrit :

Thanks to Sonning Common Parish Council which has pledged to offer £1 for every £2 raised here.

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Le 25 avril 2018
Anna Mortimer
Let's hope the planning people recognise the beauty of our countryside...
Le 24 avril 2018
Ros Varnes
We must do everything possible to oppose this damaging application and insist upon a plan-led system for new development. Such a large development is not sustainable in this location.
Le 13 avril 2018
Kris Allen
Thank you for all your hard work!
Le 11 avril 2018
Elisabeth Ransom
Good luck, CAGE!
Le 31 mars 2018
Ian Robertson
Gladman's appeal is not to do with any concern over the needs for housing in Dunsden or any where else. This is a countrywide opertion conducted by Gladman to generate as much income and profit for Gladman as as company where through their sheer power, organisation and financial backing engage in challenging ill-prepared councils until they evntually obtain the ruling they want and on the back of that ruling enhance their own profits. They do not care about people or the consequence of their actions, but only the profits they make for themselves out of this process.
Le 29 mars 2018
Ernie and Jean Povey
Very best of luck with this appeal.
Le 29 mars 2018
Juliet Robson
Good luck! were giving our support.
Le 29 mars 2018
Derek Medd
Very pleased to see amount already raised
Le 29 mars 2018
Michele Brind
A tough fight ahead. Wishing for a successful outcome for Eye and Dunsden. Michele Brind.
Le 28 mars 2018
A modest contribution but I hope that every little helps! We need to ruin Gladman's proud boast of being able to manipulate the planners to their wishes.