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2018 Beach Volleyball Ireland Team Registration

Organised for: Beach Volleyball Ireland

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  • Enter the fee for your competition; €30 per team for 2v2 Single Sex / Mixed; €5 per player for 4v4 Mixed Festival tournaments
  • Comment/Message with your name, your partner's name, and importantly which competition you're entering: Tour# and Single Sex or Mixed OR Festival name
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73 Days left
82 Contributions

Organised by

Alex Graves
14 June 2018
Lina Dzurnak
Myself and Lubomir for Sunday mixed
14 June 2018
Edgaras Valavičius
Indre Simkute and Edgaras Valavicius for Sundays Mixed competition please.
13 June 2018
Jonathan Whitty
Jonathan Whitty and Pawel Waszkiewicz.thanks
13 June 2018
Lina Dzurnak
Myself and Luciana for Saturday single BVI Tour1
13 June 2018
Mateusz Olszewski
Single sex BVI tour 1: Marcin Kwiatek and Mateusz Olszewski please
12 June 2018
Marcin Szklarek
Hey, Singles: Marcin Szklarek & Julio Rico Mixed: Paola Rosa's Vera & Marcin Szklarek Please ;)
12 June 2018
Lucia Barbato
Tour 1 single sex and mix
12 June 2018
Kama Teteryczka
Sat single : Kama & Valeria
12 June 2018
Kamila Teterycz
Mix Sunday: Kama & Bartek
12 June 2018
Mateusz Szewczyk
BVI tour 1 single Mateusz Szewczyk/Patryk Tur