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2018 Beach Volleyball Ireland Team Registration

Organised for: Beach Volleyball Ireland

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  • Enter the fee for your competition; €30 per team for 2v2 Single Sex / Mixed
  • €60 per team for 4v4 Mixed Festival tournaments
  • €45 per team for 3v3 Mixed (BVI/VI registered players only)
  • Comment/Message with your name, your partner's or team's name, and importantly which competition you're entering: Tour# and Single Sex or Mixed OR Festival name
  • All payments are secure

Thank you!

Organised by

Alex Graves
20 September 2018
Fabián Armendáriz
Just paid (€30) registration for 4x4 grass competition. Team: Gordana Avramovic (had paid already), Clébio Ribeiro (had paid already), Karolina Molnar (this payment) and Fabián Armendáriz (this payment).
30 August 2018
Georg Emmerich Antal
Georg and Evgenii
29 August 2018
Mateusz Szewczyk
Mateusz Szewczyk/Patryk Tur for saturday 01.09
29 August 2018
Piotr Perzynski
Myself and Artur Kozlowski for 1.09 catch up. Thanks
29 August 2018
Paola Rosas
€30 Renata Kulichova & Paola Rosas Catch up 1st Sep
29 August 2018
Lina Dzurnak
Alex Graves and Lina Dzurnak BVI catch up
28 August 2018
Piotrek Piecek
Hi Alex. Myself and Antony Nguyen please.Thanks :)
24 August 2018
Marcin Szklarek
Hey, Paola and Mariana for Saturday and Paola and Marcin for Sunday, please :) Thanks
23 August 2018
Bartek Szczepański
- BB -CH -Sat & Bartek and Patrick 100€
21 August 2018
Holger DieWaldfee
Mixed Ballybunion Holger und Ana Luiza