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Climbing Out of Depression

Organised for: Climbing Out of Depression

Hello everyone & welcome to Climbing Out of Depression's donation page...

With just 1-click you can securely donate to our non-profit charity.

All proceeeds go to those who need our help.

Here's what we do....


About Climbing Out of Depression:

Climbing can provide some light in the dark for those who are grieving and who are suffering from depression or any other form of mental illness. It's not a cure but focussing on something enjoyable and all-encompassing can provide relief from the pain and anxiety that people experience. 


Climbing Out of Depression aims to reach individuals in need of support and provide an activity that creates structure, teaches new skills and team work and provides relief and distraction.


Mission Statement: 

To provide a service to anyone suffering from any form of depression. To lease with councillors and other charities, hospitals, schools etc and offer climbing as an activity that is know to improve ones mental health. 


Offer heavily discounted or free sessions to those referred to us to learn to belay and climb with others in similar situations. We will aim to have a trained psychologist present at these sessions as well as the qualified instructor, to help, advice and support if necessary. 


Funding will pay for the organisation of these sessions, instructors, helpers and to pay the climbing walls. 


Organised by

Belinda Fuller

Steven Whitehead contributed £320

Matt Glendenning contributed £5

Charlotte Dobson contributed £10

Simon May contributed £10

Nadia Strappelli contributed £5

Matt Bayly contributed £5

Rike Jones contributed

Lydia Benjamin contributed £18

Ruth Hartley contributed £20

Dave Rattue contributed £11

Bill Burridge contributed £50

David Bishop contributed £15

Karen Caby contributed £10

Wayne Clark, well done superheros Lucy R & Lucy G contributed £10

Hazel MacLean contributed £20

Janette Garlick contributed £10

Andy Moos contributed £45

Mari N contributed £20

Sarah Leon contributed £30

Robb Haze contributed £15

Jay Patterson contributed £20

Emma Jones contributed

Graeme Rivett contributed £50

Abby Rudland contributed £20

4 April 2019
Steven Whitehead
From my Climbing4All Fundraiser!
27 January 2019
Rike Jones
What a fantastic idea!!
7 September 2018
Bill Burridge
For LucyxLucy 400 route awesomeness! I think 10 routes is a marathon! Well done.
25 August 2018
Janette Garlick
Good luck to the Lucy's a great cause
9 August 2018
Andy Moos
crystal & Tobias, Kate & Alex will done on all those routes!
26 July 2018
Graeme Rivett
If "Climbing out of Depression" stops even one family going through what my dear friends the Kempy's have, it will be the best £50 I have ever spent!
13 July 2018
Daniel Mann
Great job! Great cause! Well done Kate
10 July 2018
Omar Bhakri
Good luck Kate! A really worthy cause.
9 July 2018
Lesley Fordyce
Sorry I am a bit late Kate W - hope the climb went well. Lesley F
6 July 2018
Matthew Walker
Amazing job Kate - 10 hours and 100 routes?!? Brilliant charity Belinda. Good luck with it all.