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Christmas for our Celebes Divers Staff

Christmas for our Celebes Divers Staff

Making Christmas together possible with a donation of only 20 Euro.

Our staff will always make sure that your dream vacation becomes reality during your stay and will even help where it would not be part of their job. Now they need your help.

Make a Christmas dinner possible, so that Christmas for our employees does not become a victim of COVID-19 too!

Your donations have made a huge difference over the past months, as already mentioned. We realize that the Christmas theme is also a theme of hope for our employees. We are determined to create hope and above all a small highlight in this difficult year for our employees by enabling a more special food package for Christmas Eve. And we hope that you will help us to do this.

If everyone from our community donates the small amount of 20 Euros, we can already achieve a lot. This appeal for donations via e-mail, on Facebook and the verbal announcement within our circle of friends and family is the whole extent of advertising for the campaign. There are also no administrative costs, we take care of that without any charge. This way we can guarantee that, unlike other fundraising campaigns, the entire amount of the donation will reach those in need.

Twenty Euros is not much and more or less is always possible. And if we're honest with ourselves, we've spent 20 Euros less meaningfully, right?

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