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Christian Climate Action

Organised for: Christian Climate Action

Christian Climate Action (CCA) is a community of Christians supporting each other in acts of non-violent direct action and public witness, as a way of following Jesus Christ in the face climate breakdown. We are based in the UK.


CCA is currently involved in the Extinction Rebellion.


All money raised will support our work, including covering transport cost and materials costs for our actions.

Organised by

Caroline Harmon

Peter Armstrong contributed £100

Anna McArthur contributed

Stella Collishaw contributed

jan sambrook contributed

John Duncan contributed £10

Anonymous contributed £5

Sarah Batchelor contributed £20

Looby Lou contributed £150

Judith and John Carpenter contributed £50

Peter Armstrong contributed

The Queen contributed £5

Stella Collishaw contributed

Holly Adams contributed

The Queen contributed £20

Julie Hoey contributed £20

James Buchanan contributed

Margaret Travers contributed £20

Alison McCormick contributed

Lisa Caldwell contributed £20

Neil Grant contributed £20

19 July 2019
Stella Collishaw
Hey Caroline, lets try & catch up over the phone soon. Opportunities opening up in Derby University this autumn I'd like to share.
18 July 2019
jan sambrook
I would have loved to join you, but couldn't. Here is the money I might have spent travelling to join you
16 July 2019
Sarah Batchelor
Praying for CCA
15 July 2019
Looby Lou
I am so proud of what you are doing in the name of Jesus and hope this helps to continue your amazing work and witness.
9 May 2019
Judith and John Carpenter
May God bless your activities which we will join when they reach Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
8 May 2019
The Queen
I found a fiver down the back of the throne and thouof you.
6 May 2019
The Queen
Philip has given up driving to help the cause. Any suggestions as to what I can do to help?
6 May 2019
Julie Hoey
Grateful for all you are doing. Thanks for entering the arena.
5 May 2019
Alison McCormick
Keep up the good work