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Saving Madou

Organised for: mamadou diop

Dear Friends,


hi everybody! we are doing great!

many israelis and french have donated directly to my bank account so im reducing again the amount on leetchie!


updates on madou's health coming soon. keep following us!



i write to you in request to help me save madou's life.

madou is a young father of 3 young kids (the oldest is 7 years old). he is 40 years old and until one month ago was considered as a lucky man. having a good stable job in senegal is not an elementary thing. madou is working for us for ten years now and i can describe him as a hard working man, positive and profesional, and above all, a very good human being.


one month ago madou felt a pain in his stomach, so he went to the doctor who found immediatly a tumor in his liver.


further checkings led the local doctors to belive that its an CHC - cancer of liver.

the doctors also said he should be operated asap but if he will be operated in senegal he'll die.


me and my colleagues gathered some money and sent him to france for further analysis.

than we learned that a surgery in france will coast 24,000 euro.


we ask you to give whatever you can and join us in a humanitarian effort to save our brother.

his wife and three kids are totally depending on his survival, without him they are in the street.


we would also like you to share this story with your friends and call them to donate.


thank you for reading my message and thanks in advance for any donation,





Organised by

Roy Rosenberg

Aaron Bahar contributed €26

msili2018 contributed €10

Liesbeth van Oorschot contributed

Boris Gen contributed

Vanina Blondel contributed

Anna Rabin contributed €50

RONI NINIO contributed

Roi Vaknin contributed €50

Beverley-Louise Friedmann contributed

Anonymous contributed

Marie Huynh Grav'ETs Frt contributed €170

Ram Arnon contributed

Erez Peled contributed

Merle Celine-Muller contributed €36

Deborah Dahan contributed

Anth Gafin contributed

Tal Moskovich contributed €30

Arie Avidor contributed €50

Anonymous contributed €238

Sarah Rechter contributed €30

Lisa Martane contributed €30

Anonymous contributed

David Nagiel contributed

Anonymous contributed

26 January 2018
Marie Huynh Grav'ETs Frt
De la part de ma grand mère, la mère et moi. merci Roy! Si besoin de le loger pour une opération ou quoi que ce soit, les parents proposent une chambre
21 January 2018
Yonat Liss
Good luck
20 January 2018
beressi nathalie
tank you for your help
18 January 2018
Martin Adolph
Bonne Chance
18 January 2018
Bravo Roy !
17 January 2018
Yonit Peer
כל הכבוד! הלוואי והוא יחלים במהרה ויחזור אל משפחתו ואל השגרירות!
17 January 2018
Yishar Koach
17 January 2018
Meirav Hamak
Good luck and hope you get well soon and be back home safe with your beloved family.
17 January 2018
Li-or Squire
RefoAa ShLema from Israel! thank you for your security contribution. God bless you and your family.
17 January 2018
Israeli in New York
Good luck!