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Keele Seals Channel Swim

Organised for: Kirsty Moyes Fund, RDA Sheffield and Alzheimers Research UK

During a uni meet up weekend last summer it suddenly dawned on us that nearly a decade has passed since we graduated from Keele surprise and that we should do something to celebrate. Having been brought together by our common love of swimming it was decided we would swim the English channel as a relay . . . as you do. Well there were 6 then 5 then 4 and eventually 3 of us signed on the dotted line and during the second week of September, weather permitting we will be relaying our way across the channel.

With that in mind we are asking for sponsorship for three fabulous causes -

The first is Riding for the disabled in Sheffield. As many of you may know I love riding and with no external funding any donations can make a huge difference to those with physical, mental and behavioural challenges to be able to enjoy horse riding in safe surroundings.

The second is the Kirsty Moyes Fund- run by St Giles Trust. This fund hands out small grants to help societies most disadvantaged get back on their feet and was set up in memory of our colleague who fought and sadly lost her battle with cancer earlier this year. She worked tirelessly to help and support some of the communities most vulnerable and marginalised people and I would like to help that work continue in her name.

The third fund is Alzheimer's Research UK. Research is the only way to beat Alzheimer's and Dementia. It is a disease that not only takes away lives to be lived but attacks the person they used to be. Crossing the channel is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and a memory that will remain with me for the rest of my life. Please do sponsor to raise money for an organisation that will help preserve memories, both great and small.


So ladies and gents please dig deep as we sit here and ponder what we have let ourselves in for.......

Organised by

Lucy Rodwell

Becca Williams contributed £10

Caroline Rountree contributed

Anonymous contributed £20

Alison Drew contributed £10

David Parysek contributed £100

Amanda Dyson contributed £10

Felicity Hurst contributed £20

Ross Beasley contributed £20

Emma Callaghan contributed £5

Louis Gilbert contributed £20

Carol Thomson contributed £20

Phil Johnson contributed £40

Andy Cross contributed £20

AMR Talbot contributed £10

lyssa palmer contributed £10

Pam Sinclair contributed £20

Nicola Warburton contributed £20

Chris Rawson contributed £20

rob owen contributed £40

Maggie Cramb contributed £30

Hannah Davis contributed £20

Jeanette Rodwell contributed £50

26 September 2017
Caroline Rountree
Well done, Lucy. Amazing effort!
26 September 2017
Awesome work guys. Sorry for late contribution. Hope life is sweet. bk
16 September 2017
David Parysek
Congratulations to you Lucy and the rest of your team.
16 September 2017
Felicity Hurst
Huge congratulations team!! What an achievement and an experience of a lifetime! X
16 September 2017
Ross Beasley
Well done baby cakes. Very proud of you!! Happy anniversary too :) xxx
11 September 2017
Carol Thomson
Good luck Lucy - don't try and touch the bottom!
7 September 2017
Andy Cross
Good luck with the swim. Its crazy but brilliant!
21 August 2017
Pam Sinclair
Good Luck Lucy! From Abbie Sinclair & family (SCSC)
19 August 2017
Nicola Warburton
Good Luck
24 July 2017
rob owen
What a great way to celebrate your last 10 years - go for it