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Capgemini Connect & Drive 2019 - CSR

Organised for: Capgemini Enlight


In India, the “Enlight” program is helping more than 10,000 young girls on their way to a brighter future. 

The “Enlight” program has four objectives: 

  • Improve girls' skills through sustainable schooling for at least 10 years;
  • Encourage community involvement in schools and school governance;
  • Improve the level of teaching by training teachers;
  • Promote and implement an innovative and adapted teaching program.

Organised by

Andreas Källkvist

Jean philippe Guyon contributed

DUPAS Frédéric contributed

Live Albriktsen contributed

philippe Blancher contributed

bouchra jelassi contributed

Chetra Tea contributed


Prakash Roy contributed €10

Mahesh Kadam contributed €10

Araujo Gilsa contributed €40

Emerson Lima contributed €5

Luca Santoro contributed €15

Anna Kostrzewa contributed €50

Shuchi Sharma contributed €100

LUCIANA BORDINI contributed €50

Gleydison Farias contributed €50

Dipanjan Guha contributed €20

Andreas Källkvist contributed €50

David Collet contributed €30

Rahma JELASSI contributed

Christian Seitz contributed €30

Martin Watmough contributed €50

Andrew Beavis contributed

S Wagner contributed €15

23 May 2019
Gleydison Farias
Let’s go Blue team!!! 🤜🏻🤛🏻
22 May 2019
Andrew Beavis
No one should ever need that question...
22 May 2019
Galeazzi Rafael
GREAT Capgemini Connect & Drive 2019 initiative! Congratulations to the Organizer, and all participants! Especially to Gleydison Farias: your engagement, in EVERYTHING that you do, is admirable! Exceptional professional and incredible human being ... Success!!! Greetings, Rafael Galeazzi.