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Can you help me to start a small business to feed my family

Organised for: Rin Sp Cherput

Hello everyone

           My name is Rin Sp Cherput and i lived in Kalaymyo-Tahan, Myanmar.


In 2004 my hushand has past and left me with our four childrens so that i lived with my old

parents and i have no formal work excapt my small planting flowers.


I got injured on my spinal chord in 2006,and got a serious operation on my spinal chord with the help of local people's donation. Because of my injury i cannot do hard work. In Myanmar life is so hard.


Right now i am planting a flowers and sell to local people and i can barely feed my family.

I am very interested in planting flowers, I would like to start a flowering business but to do that i need money to start.


                                 So can you please help me so that i can realise my dream.


                                     If you can donate to me i would be very happy.......




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Thank you!

Organised by

Rin sp Cherput