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BWC Holiday Gift to Les Blouses Roses

BWC Holiday Gift to Les Blouses Roses

Dear BWC Members,

To perpetuate a long tradition of donating to Les Blouses Roses at our December luncheon, we have created this online money pot to allow you to donate to the Bordeaux chapter of this organization.

For the last 75 years, Les Blouses Roses have brought joy to children in hospitals. The president of the Bordeaux Blouses Roses told me about their project to welcome babies abandoned at birth by providing them with everything a newborn needs. The Blouses Roses will also need to buy supplies for the activities they organize to entertain sick kids (when the sanitary restrictions are lifted).

There is no set amount, whether you give 5€, 25€ as you would have spent on our Holiday luncheon, anything in between, or more. It is your call. Thank you for your generosity!

If you have any question, please contact our bwcofficers gmail address.

Happy Holidays!

Anne-Sophie Belloeil, BWC Vice-President

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