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How CPS Testing Can Improve Your Gaming Skills

Online gaming is among the most important segments of the entertainment industry. As a hobby or pastime, it has evolved into something much more. Many people consider gaming a career, and it is a lucrative one. The gamers who compete in esports tournaments are considered true athletes, and they compete for awards and prizes. Games are a competitive environment, even among casual players. Being the best in your group is a prize in and of itself.

In the world of professional PC gaming, network connection speed, CPU power, memory, computer, and clicks per second (CPS) are some of the most critical hardware and software parameters.

Although network speed and CPU power are simple concepts, this article primarily examines the latter. Click per second rate, how it is measured, how to improve it, and why it is important for a gamer are all questions that will be addressed below.

How does Clicks Per Second Rate affect gaming, and why does it matter?

Gamer's clicks per second, also called click speed or click rate, measure the number of strokes they make in a single second. Mouse-based games are most commonly associated with the term "click rate.". A majority of average gamers are only able to make five to six clicks per second. Most professional ESports players average between 10 and 12 clicks per second, which is considered extremely good. The highest click rate ever recorded is 14. A gamer’s speed can be measured in clicks per second.

A variety of special sites can track click rates, including, which is rated highly. The CPS Test site measures average click speed using a 5-second interval. Click rate tests are done at 5-second intervals as it is considered to be the most effective testing time. The cps test will give you a result based on your average click rate over a 5-second period.

If you want to compete in any of the major PC games, you need fast click speed. In many modern online games, playing well and staying competitive requires a faster than average click speed. There are numerous levels of gaming tournaments that are held regularly, and qualifying for any of them usually requires high click rates.

How Can You Increase Your Click Rate?

You can improve your click speed as an aspiring gamer in a number of ways. In addition to providing a way to measure your click speed, also contains an article that provides tips on how to improve your clicking speed. Some of the key points are as follows:

  • Maintain a loose grip on your hands and wrists. When your wrist is loose, you have greater range of motion and articulation.

  • Instead of using one finger, use two. You won't necessarily double your click rate, but it will be significantly higher.

  • When you use a lighter touch, the mouse won't move around and interfere with your clicking.

  • Reduce the distance your fingers have to cover by keeping the mouse as close to your hands as possible.

  • Dedicated gaming mice are made with dedicated hardware and software for optimized click speed, so they may be worth the investment.

CPS in First-Person Shooter Games

In FPS (First Person Shooter) games, players attempt to kill as many opponents as possible in militia or guerilla-style battles. Overwatch, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Fortnite are some of the most popular first-person shooter games in the world. This is one of the biggest and most competitive gaming categories.

Losing can be especially aggravating in these games, where failure is the equivalent of death. But what can casual gamers do to improve their FPS gameplay? Any tricks or hacks that work? In most cases, the term 'gaming hacks' refers to cheating in games, but that is not what we are discussing here. Hacks here do not always mean using illegal software, but rather refer to gaming styles or gameplay patterns that provide an advantage. Here are some hacks that can be applied to most first-person shooter games:

  • Get to Know Your Surroundings

Most games offer dedicated free-play levels where losing doesn't affect your rating before trying to get into the more competitive ones. Learning the game on these levels will pay off in the long run.

  • Dedicated hardware is often worth the investment.

Playing with the right mouse and mousepad can give you a competitive advantage. Your chair and screen configuration can also influence your gaming comfort.

  • Switch Weapons instead of reloading

Although this is one of the trickiest hacks to learn, it can also be a very rewarding one. In the right circumstances, switching to a sidearm is always faster than reloading the main weapon. As a result, the sidearm is often a pistol that is less effective than the main weapon.

  • Configure the Settings To Your Specifications

For the most part, default settings in games are designed for beginners. Nevertheless, as a beginner, you need to find the settings that work best for you. It should be possible to customize settings such as aim and movement sensitivity, display layout, crosshair style, and others.

Practicing is the best way to improve.

Practicing does not have to be limited to one specific game. The mouse is the preferred tool for FPS games on PC. Practice click speed is essential. There are ways to improve click speed. CPS testing can be accessed at Regularly practicing click rate on the site is a good way to improve your gaming skills, whether you're a casual gamer or looking to get into professional E-Sports.

Regularly practicing click rate on the site is a good way to improve your gaming skills, whether you're a casual gamer or looking to get into professional E-Sports.

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