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Build a house for a family of 5 kids living in jungle

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In this modest hut house and perhaps even less, Mr. Abdel Majeed lives with his family of five and his wife in a desolate jungle in the city of Safi south Morocco for more than twenty three years.

The state of the harsh poverty is out of the ordinary. Poverty here is clear in every corner and in every face, but it almost binds the smile of the young children who come to this unknown future.

The situation is catastrophic and the health conditions for decent living are lacking.

In the time of high technology and smart phones, this family lives in the stone age with no water and no electricity.

Their clothes and kitchen tools are old, and the walls of the hut are worse than the spider's house.

It cannot even protect them from the cold, so I let you imagine when it rains and windy?

During the cold period’s the kids always get sick and they can do nothing about it.

The scene here is very tragic and there is absolutely no manifestation of civilization as if they live in another time of centuries ago and the scene speaks for itself.

Abdel Majeed, born in 1959, he was a soldier deployed in the southern desert of morocco for 16 years.

It was family problems that brought him here to this hut house. With No light and No water.

He spent the last 23 years of his life in this hut. Today, he works as transporter in the local markets.

Sometimes the family receives assistance from charities. But most of the time they are left alone with their daily struggle.

Abdel Majeed is asking you to help him build a decent house for his kids and help build their future.

This is the most important things right now as the winter is already here: protecting the kids and allowing them to be like other kids in the school.

Thank you very much for your kind heart.

Thank you.


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