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Bring Mr. Kostura Back to life

Bring Mr. Kostura Back to life

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

My name is Eva and I am 68 years old.I have a friend named Kostura who has had cancer for over 13 months now. A 58-year-old dad living and hospitalized in Lithuania. A good life, do not drink, do not smoke. The Kostura family is a very tight-knit little family, I am proud to have known them. They are very close to each other and love each other so much.His hospitalization began with cancer of the peritoneum. I will say that everything went well and he had his treatment followed by a lot of chemo and then an operation which went well. Then last June 2020, there was the cerebellum, 20 ray sessions. Let's go. Then in October it went down the back to the level of the nerves. If suffering for this one, how does he manage to endure this pain? With all his head! He still continues his sessions of the rays and while waiting for his results, it is returned to the cerebellum 3 sessions of chemo. What really hurts about all of this, his condition has worsened further and coincided with all these covid-19 advents since December 2020.He is in serious need of financial help today from every generous person who fears God. Please help him with whatever you can because 1 Euro is also a contribution to save a life. I've done so much and I'm not going to stop there but we need you dear readers too. I don't have a lot of people to talk about and that's why I wanted to do it through this channel because I know that my friend Kostura is not alone living with this disease but let's save a life please.Thank you dear readers.Eva.

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