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Bring Joy in the Heart ! Accra,GH

Bring Joy in the Heart ! Accra,GH


Dear all,

We are a group of friends with Africa as a similarity and we hope you can be grateful for 2021 which ended soon.

During several months, years or a life for some of us, we have been able to see that Africa cannot and must not be define by poverty or other humanitarian issues. It is so much more. However, these issues are realities not to be forgotten. Thus, after some time in Ghana, we would like, with your help, to bring joy in the heart of some children in an orphanage.

Your donations will be used to buy good of first necessity but also toys/games and books. Sometimes, it is as much important to feed your body as your mind. And yes... Xmas is coming soon!

We will do our best to buy local products and/or products sold by locals. Therefore, we will contribute to the local economy and BRING JOY IN THE HEART!

Thank you in advance for your donation and do not hesitate to share the link around you!

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