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Boosting the Truth Campaign

Organised for: Jon Wedger Facebook Page

Welcome to Boost the Truth


Jon Wedger is a former Scotland Yard detective trying to raise awareness of an establishment cover up of child abuse. 


Over the last 8 months his Facebook page has been monumentally successful in raising awareness of this issue. With Jon talking to victims, professional whistle-blowers, and experts from all over the world.


And the message is getting out, with 89,000 unique video views every month to his page. 


A lot of this has come from paid boosting on Facebook which has cost £3k so far. But if we can raise more, then more will be made aware. 


Every penny will be spent on gathering testimonies and advertising them to as many people as possible.


For example, for £800 we can reach 600,000 people in 24 hours. 


We believe every child deserves to have a happy, loving and secure upbringing. But there are many who never had that. They were horrifically abused and we want to give them the chance to tell their story and be heard. 


So much can be done, by raising awareness - the T-Shirt and Letter Writing campaign, have both been enormously successful. With Jon Wedger recently meeting ministers Nick Hurd and Sir Mike Penning, to discuss his concerns. 


If you are not able to donate, then please comment, subscribe and share to all of our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We can get this message out organically.


We cannot do this without you.


From Jon Wedger's team

God Bless 

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Anna Brees
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