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The Jacksonville Jaguars progressed to the AFC Championship Game for the third time in establishment history by beating Pittsburgh 45-42 at Heinz Field on Sunday. The Jaguars will play the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium next Sunday. 


How might you not be amped up for a Jaguars group that was 3-13 a year prior and is presently only a hour from the Super Bowl? Particularly with regards to quarterback Blake Bortles. No one in the alliance has taken more poo from restricting players and the media than Bortles, yet he conveyed on Sunday in the greatest round of his vocation. He drove two final quarter touchdown drives, and the last touchdown (a go to Tommy Bohanon) was a play that he looked at to. Bortles has been here and there all season, and there has for quite some time been the subject of whether he can convey with the diversion hanging in the balance. He addressed that Sunday. 


A barrier that completed second in the NFL in leaving and scoring gave behind season highs in all out yards (545) and passing yards (462) and permitted three fourth-down touchdowns. The Steelers have a standout amongst the most touchy offenses in the NFL, so some of that can be legitimized. In any case, Pittsburgh completed a ton of harm with shorter passes and screens, and that is a zone in which New England exceeds expectations. Running back Leonard Fournette harmed his correct lower leg (a similar one he harmed before in the season), with the goal that's remark consistently. The Jaguars require him as sound as could be expected under the circumstances. 


Just Tom Brady, the best quarterback in NFL history and proprietor of five Super Bowl rings. In his home, where the Patriots are 21-4 unsurpassed in the postseason. In addition, there's the Rob Gronkowski factor. He, on occasion, is uncoverable and a matchup bad dream. Notwithstanding simply playing the Steelers, this will be the Jaguars' hardest protective test. The Patriots' resistance on Saturday night sacked Marcus Mariota eight times and restricted Derrick Henry to 28 yards on 12 conveys. The Jaguars are only 1-10 unsurpassed against the Patriots, including a 1-3 check in the playoffs.




Watch Super Bowl 2018 LII Live Stream Online Free HD

Watch Super Bowl 2018 LII Live Stream Online Free

Watch Super Bowl 2018 LII Live Stream Online

Watch Super Bowl 2018 LII Live Stream

Watch Super Bowl 2018 LII

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