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Roughing it for Our Heroes

Organised for: Roughing it for Our Heroes

Welcome to my fund pot !

Hi I'm Steve Thomas, I'm ex British Forces and have suffered with my Mental Health and ended up homeless. I'm doing great now and want to share my experience to support others.  Click to make a contribution to my cash fund to share a cuppa and a bite to eat with the Homeless this Christmas and New Year as I walk 1,400 miles around Wales & England, sleeping rough to support our Homeless veterans suffering with Mental Health issues. .


  • Give however much you want.
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Thank you. All my very best Steve - Roughing it for Our Heroes. 

Organised by

Steve Thomas

Heather McDonald contributed £10

Steve Thomas contributed £60

Mags Thomas contributed £20

Allspares Ltd contributed £100

Wendy Edwards contributed

Clare Casey (wilko maesteg till staff) contributed £35

Donna Mcdonald contributed

Louise Brookes contributed

Julie Dowland contributed

Pugs Pugsley contributed £30

Jim McIntosh contributed £50

John Hill contributed £25

The Askeys contributed £10

Amanda Joynson contributed £10

Cheryl Morgan contributed £20

Patrick Huggins contributed

Phillip Jones contributed £10

Nicola Huggins contributed £10

Jaye Swaine contributed £10

Jared Thomas contributed £20

Bobbie Evans contributed £10

Jennifer Burdett contributed £10

Kirsty Davies contributed £5

Christine Bowditch contributed £10

26 December 2017
Donna Mcdonald
Steve ...! Your amazing, keep Going! You’ve got this cracked. If you need any support in Plymouth, just drop into the coach station... food drinks etc! Being ex service, I totally get the none support when you leave the forces! What your doing to support others is outstanding. Good luck, stay safe! ❤️
25 December 2017
Julie Dowland
Thanks for raising this awareness for us Steve, a very worthy cause, only wish I could afford to give you more. You'll have my continued moral support throughout your entire walk. Bless you on Christmas Day x
23 December 2017
Pugs Pugsley
Well done Steve, quite amazing what you're doing
23 December 2017
Jim McIntosh
I think you are doing a marvelous thing. Just a sad pity that this cause is needed. Veterans serve unconditionally and some get forgotten in their time of need. Well done.
22 December 2017
John Hill
Good luck and safe travels!
22 December 2017
The Askeys
You're a legend Steve, well done. We will be watching xx take care
22 December 2017
Amanda Joynson
Good luck on your travels and stay safe. really hope you succeed in highlighting the issues that ex forces suffer from. Take care x
20 December 2017
Phillip Jones
Hope you achieve your goal Steve. Inspirational mate.
19 December 2017
Jared Thomas
Good luck buddy amazing what you are doing wish you a safe journey
19 December 2017
Bobbie Evans
Good luck and stay safe x