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Bike 4 charity

Organised for: Förderkreis Kinderdialyse Leipzig e.V.

There are two reasons why I am raising this appeal in REVERSE order of importance:

1. Red wine - which made me say yes to taking part in the challenge

2. A visit to the children's dialysis unit in Leipzig's St George hospital


Nr. 1: After quite a bit of good Italian red wine a former colleague mentioned in February that he will be cycling 900 km across the Alps: Venice - Leipzig in the summer. Due to the inebriation I must have looked keen to join because he signed me up. Given that I did not remember this the next morning gives you an idea how the evening went... However I am not one to go back on my word no matter the blood-alcohol level. Overall not a good reason to spend 7 days straight in the saddle of a road bike if you ask me however.


Nr. 2: And this is a very good reason to spend several months getting up at 4:30 am to train - a visit to the childrens' dialysis station in Leipzig.

These kids' kidneys have failed.

They have to show up there 3-4 times a week.

They have to spend around 3 hours hooked up to a machine that cleans their blood.

Else, without a kidney donor, they cannot survive.

Part of the fundraiser comes from our starting fees which cover a bit more than the bare necessities. However this is by far not enough!


This is where your support is needed. Please consider donating however much you find appropriate.


What will your donation be used for?

As these children need to be on dialysis 3 times a week they can never really go on holiday - unless they go to a facility that has dialysis integrated.

However such facilities are expensive. Moreover small children need the company of their parents. The German public health system does not fund the cost for parents though.

We are planning to use the funds raised towards supporting families in need to visit the Ederhof - a beautiful homestead in the Alps that has purpose built facilities for dialysis patients and special care for children available.






Disclaimer I: So far I have spent 2.700 km in the saddle and ridden 20.000 m of elevation gain. Will this be enough to get me across the finish line? I have no idea because I have never ridden for 7 days straight let alone through the Alps. However, whether I fail or succeed is of no consequence to the brave children in Leipzig. So please consider making a donation even though the outcome of this effort is uncertain. I will give it my very best shot and will keep you informed with complete honesty how it goes, that I can promise.


Disclaimer II: The event is organized by Bike for Charity e.V. and funds raised will be donated to Förderkreis Kinderdialyse Leipzig e.V.. As leetchi is a third party, unfortunately donation receipts are not available. If you require a receipt for your tax refund, talk to me and I can provide the account details for the charity directly. In that case do not use this site to donate.


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Dr. Peter P. Robejsek