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Bigu Gumba - Himalayan Valley

Organised for: Angus Faulkner

Bigu Gumba


In 2015, a day struck that would change all for many and many further generations to come. As opposed to the previous joys and happiness of life shinning through the kingdom, the streets turned and ran with fear. The mountains began to weep, the outer layer began to shed causing devastation, nothing stood in its path. Rubble scattered over!


Many more days of consistent aftershocks occoured during the process to rebuild the fallen kingdom which stood before. A kingdom to which so many had devoted their life to building. It stood no more!


In 2015, this disaster occoured in a country I am currently in, Nepal. I am experiencing the aftermath of this equation first hand, living with the locals. 


For the the upcoming months I am residing with a Monks Monestary (Bigu) located in the depths of the Himalayan Mountains. The monestary which caters for so many from different walks of life, gives so much but receives so little. A village located 18 hours from the city centre having and no means of transportation.  


Over the past four years, little has changed from an outside perspective Bigu did not give up after the disaster however used it as an opportunity to start fresh. As opposed to seeking funding in order to replenish their most valuable monuments and structures, they split their classes and opened their school to many more.


In order to rebuild many must come together, many who share the joys and passions that life has to offer. From all walks of life, those affected to those simply moved. 


Bigu deserves the opportunity of basic essentials. I ask for little, from £5.00 to a comment, I will make it stretch so far. 


Experience is is our greatest currency, so let’s see what we can do when we put our minds together. 


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