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Big thank you to Garnet

Organised for: Garnet Frost

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

Garnet Frost has shown community spirit by taking it on himself to clean the stonework of the Beckenham War Memorial 


He uses his own products brought by himself despite being on a pension


As a community, it would be fantastic to get enough money so that a pair of proper gloves can protect his hands, a good supply of cleaning products and today i was informed that he dropped his mobile phone in a puddle which now doesnt work


He is showing that one/each person can make a difference if we all try 


Please show your support for such a great guy 

Organised by

Charlotte Dickson

Matt Robinson contributed £5

Claire Howe contributed £10

Agnes Mulawka contributed £15

Liane Davis contributed £10

Mary-Ann Loder contributed £5

Adam Potter contributed £5

Oliver Gosling contributed £5

Garry White contributed £10

Linda Crush contributed £20

Steph Gray contributed £10

Anonymous contributed £10

Karen Eves contributed £5

Gill and Katie France contributed £15

Charles Honour contributed £10

Jason Pursey contributed £10

Sally Juras contributed £5

CAROL FARMER contributed £10

Carolyn Grabarek contributed

Saima Mian contributed £10

Charl Dickson contributed £10