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Bienenbär - Albergue

Organisiert für Viktor Kowalski

Thank you, everyone,  for your support. The money from your contributions will be used to buy some tools for the bees and for the renovation of the albergue. You can follow us on facebook #BienenBär-Albergue or instagram #BienenBaer_Albergue and see how the project develops and grows.


I am really thankful for your help. Der #BienenBär





 (German version is below at "News")


Hello, it’s lovely that you are here checking this out.


First up something about me: I am Victor, I’m 36 years old and my passion is plants and bees! Yes, you could say my heart belongs to nature. After my parents passed away, I was tired of city life and made the decision to overcome my grief on a walk from Munich to Spain, the Camino de Santiago, or “Way of St. James”.


On the long walk I let my mind run free and dreamed of a stone house with a large garden, where one could grow fruit and vegetables and manage bee hives. A place where colourful chickens criss-cross the grass and where pilgrims and hikers on the Way of St James would be warmly welcomed and provided with a place to cook, or a meal and a sense of security. Recently, a friend drew my attention to a house in northern Spain, with a wonderful 5,000 square metre garden. And the best thing about it is it is built of solid stones and is located directly on the Way of St. James.


This house has the potential to fulfil many of my dreams and is within reach. I've already saved more than half of the purchase price, but for the second half of the journey, I need your help so that this project can come to pass. It's an attempt, my first, to be honest. It doesn’t matter what contribution you are willing or able to make to support this project - every euro counts. Your support will, of course, be rewarded because you will then be then welcomed to the hostel for a glass of wine or an overnight stay. In the garden there is also a large field for a future "pilgrim forest".


You can choose a tree species from a local selection, plant it in the garden and give it a name attaching a personalised tag to it. Planting a tree will always be a beautiful memory for pilgrims on their way to Santiago.


Thank you very much for your time and for your help. Der BienenBär.

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