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Ben's birthday bonanza

Organised for: Ben

Hiii everyone!  

It's that wonderful boys 30th birthday and I really want to give him the best one ever. 

What he is very much lusting after is a Nintendo switch.  I've been saving me pennies and I've got the console covered but the games are £50 squid each!!! If I'm going to have enough money to actually go out on his birthday then i can't afford this sadly.  

That's where you lovely guys come in.  If I could raise enough to get him at least 1 game his little face will light up with joy!  ♥️♥️


If you don't want to/ can't afford it that's totally fine too, I massively understand.  Life is expensive and we all have many demands on our finances 😌


If you do decide to contribute,  can you please write Ben a birthday message on a white piece of paper with a dark pen, photograph it,  and WhatsApp it to me along with a picture of your face and I'll Photoshop them all into a card to give him with the game 👍


Thanks and look forward to getting the celebrations going with you 🤩🤩

Organised by

Lizzie Godfrey