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Beat The Heat

Organised for: Arnab Majumder

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This summer has come up with a devastating approach. It has been showing its colours puffing up the people with a remarkable record average temperature since its commencement this year. To save ourselves, we already have started relying on the technologies and as a result, our dependency on A.C., Fridge, Cooler etc. has been increasing drastically. But every good invention does bear some disadvantages along with it. So does the technologies. We never have thought about how we are going to gift the nature a devastating future following our dependency on these home appliances.Let’s come together and join hands with us in making a wonderful future ahead.We had launched our Project #BeatTheHeat on 5th June (World Environment Day). As per our plan, we have set a target of planting an approximately 1 lacs saplings throughout the states including West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar and its nearby areas. But we need enough funding to convert our target to success. So, we request every one to take the responsibility of at least 5 saplings. The expenses behind it might be less than your per day expenses too. So, everyone let’s give it a try together so that we can live a healthy life ahead. And its a severe threat to Asian countries that by the next 5 years almost 60% of the continent will be dried up. So only trees can save us. We request everyone to join the initiative.

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