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Baby Myria

Baby Myria

Myria, 1 month old, Syrian.

Myria is 1 month old, she was born in Mitilini hospital, in the Greek island of Lesvos, on the 18th of August 2020. The mother and her were sent back only three days after the surgery in their tent in Moria camp.

Three weeks old she faced the tragic fire which burnt her first « home », a tent. She suffered from shortness of breath because of the smoke of the fire and didn’t see any doctor since. She lived in the warm and cold of the streets during 7 days. On the 17th of September, she became really sick, and went to hospital in emergency.

That’s how she is starting her life.

Now she has to stay ten days in the hospital due to a very strong urinary infection due to the conditions where she lived. The doctors considered that she is better but they will see the next few days as she is really young.

Her story moved you a lot and more and more people ask me how they can help. The family is looking for a decent flat to live with the five children, not in the camp anymore after 10 months and they might have to pay a part of the medical bill.

The money raised will completely goes to the family (they have the link anyway they can follow).

Thank you for your solidarity and humanity heart

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