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Center supporting autistic young people in Romania

Center supporting autistic young people in Romania

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,,Life with autism’’ is an association that was set up for young people and adults with autism and aims to coordinate activities that will contribute to the rehabilitation of these people and their integration into society.In this regard we have the following objectives:

*developing the capacity to support the labor market integration of young people with autism

*attracting funds through projects that make it possible to create a support and support structure (day care center, protected workshops, special agricultural farm, residential home) to facilitate the possibility of a fuller life for young people with autism

*cooperation with other similar organizations in the country and abroad, individuals and legal entities for the realization of joint projects

*organizing information and public awareness campaigns for the understanding and acceptance of young people and adults with autism 🙂

At the moment the association is located in an old house with an unsecure future. As there is already land bought, we want to build a new, modern center there. That's why we need financial help ... for the building and to keep the association alive! These people have to help themselves, as they're left alone by their government.

Thank you for your help!

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Asociatia viata cu Autism, Oradea/Romania