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Hello and welcome to our fundraising campaign 2.0!  

The Learning Station Project is almost one year old now and it's been able to grow and evolve the way it did thanks to your amazing support. 


As the new academic year begins and as we are still waiting for charity status whilst the project grows, we are starting this fresh fundraising campaign to keep our project alive until we finally get that status! 


We now offer English, French, and Maths classes to refugees and asylum seekers in London and are planning to start IT classes very soon.


As always, we offer £5 to each student at the end of every class to help with their travel costs as they often live very far and, transports being so expensive in London, this financial help is crucial to ensure they attend our classes. 


We like to believe that our classes are a place where our students can firstly learn the language they need to integrate themselves and start their new life in the UK and where they can acquire the basics in subjects they'll most probably need to go to back to higher education. But also and as importantly, we've noticed weeks after weeks that our classes are a place where our students can socialise, meet new friends, get together and find the support they need. 


Our priority is to make our students feel welcome and at ease, as well as ensuring that classes are their moment to relax and study in a friendly and welcoming environment. 


We now need YOU more than ever to help us fund our students' travel costs as our previous fundraiser has been completely used and we have NO money left. 


Please donate here if you can: any amount is welcome and all payments are secured. 


Thank you! 


Lola & Emma 

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Le 1 décembre 2017
Best of luck!
Le 19 novembre 2017
I am fully supporting your initiative . education is essential . Communication between the people and learning to know each other is the key for peace and to build a better world. Thank you to all the volunteers giving their time to teach.
Le 19 novembre 2017
Lola, you and the rest of the Learning Station Project team are doing an incredible job. I've donated to continue the vision and to grow what you had started. Thank you for all that you do. God bless you x