Let's Unite to Defeat FATCA!

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Let's Unite to Defeat FATCA!


The "Association of Américains Accidentels" (Accidental Americans Association) is a legally formed entity under the French law of 1901.


Its aim is to defend and protect Franco-American binationals against the nefarious effects of FATCA. The consequences of this Inter Governmental Agreement (IGA) between France and the United States have been manyfold and tragic for binational citizens: French banks have refused to open accounts or have closed them, payments of inheritances have been suspended, insurance policies and mortgages have been cancelled among other bureaucratic hassles binationals have had to endure. This has resulted in feelings of great anxiety, anger as well as the feeling that French Authorities has abandoned them to their fate.


The  Association has  two goals: First, to seek legal opinions in French, European and International law to defeat FATCA in France or better yet in the European Union altogether and secondly to undertake the necessary judicial actions to exclude binationals from the FATCA IGA's once and for all. Preliminary conversations with highly qualified lawyers have been  promising and we think that there may be solid legal grounds to achieve this goal whether at the French or European Union level or both. But legal opinions by good lawyers are not free.


To this end we have started a fund raising drive and we need you.


In advance, many thanks for your help and Let's Unite to Defeat FATCA!


Fabien Lehagre

Président de l'Association des Américains Accidentels (AAA)

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