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Organisé pour : Let's help the stray animals!

We are a network of host families in Mauricie seeking to give a second chance to abandoned or wandering animals.

But why do we need help

Before finding a family for life, all the animals we recover are cared for, sterilized, vaccinated and dewormed. Future adoptive families must pay all or part of the cost of veterinary fees, already high.

But our big heart, which leads us to rehabilitate several stray cats, makes it possible for us to have them for several weeks or even months, a time necessary for adaptation to a host family before trusting humans. If they have diseases, we often take a share of the costs!

Need money, food, litter, toys

The minimum to ensure their well-being the time of their socialization or their relocation to an adoptive family.

For donations of material, or a monetary donation made through our veterinarian, contact us for contact information.


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