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Animal shelter

Organised for: Oleksandr

EVICTION NOTICE! WE NEED $5000 IN 2 WEEKS OR WE ARE HOMELESS! Our contract has ended and we haven’t been able to find a suitable temporary replacement as the one we had lined up fell through! 

Time is up and the landlord wants us out! The power will be cut to the house in 2 days and Olek has to get out! 

After some difficult negotiations we have been able to buy some extra time for the animals but it’s only a few weeks! 

Olek himself has to be out by Sunday and has nowhere to go. He will not leave his animals in a dangerous situation so needs a generator ASAP to hook up the flood lights to keep wild animals away at night. He also needs somewhere to sleep nearby to ensure the animals are safe.

He is currently desperately in search of a temporary property that He can get fenced ASAP and start moving the animals to safety. 

We need urgent funds to make this happen! 

This is a desperate situation and I dread to think what will happen if we can’t raise these funds! 

These animals have been through so much already, and so has Olek, they urgently need your help! 

Help us get $5000 in the next 2 weeks to not only save the huge amount of rescues he currently has but for those who will need his help in the future!

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Oleksandr Dakar