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All together with ANDROU

Organised for: Elena and Mathias LEMERCIER

Since the month of September 2018, our eldest boy, Androu, is in big trouble (malignant brain tumour), third episode of his disease that appeared for the first time in 2015, and that, apparently, has not been curbed despite two neurosurgeries and radiotherapy. Today, we really and urgently need your help to finance Androu's care. We never thought we would need your solidarity in such circumstances, but there we are. 


As part of his current new care, numerous overhead costs have been incurred. Thus, more than 12 000 euros have been spent for two months, since he is sick again. These health expenditures have allowed us to cover requests for second opinions in France and abroad, consultations, specific equipments, but also therapeutic products that we will be required to order monthly.  


Furthermore, in the very short term, a three weeks stay is scheduled in the “Klinik Im Leben”, in Greiz, Germany.  This medical center has been advised by a German naturopathic doctor who practices in France, near our home. This type of offer and structure doesn’t exist in France, but is well developed abroad, in particular in Germany, in the US, in Mexico, but also in Switzerland and Spain. We have chosen Germany for obviously geographical reasons but also for its long experience in the field, and because Androu will be under the care of the German physician. 


The structure offers a holistic approach, named “functional” or “integrative” medicine, including several techniques to potentiate Androu’s own resources as part of an individual treatment plan. This stay that will occur between December the 2nd and December the 21st will cost 25 000 euros.


We can’t afford all these costs alone.  That’s why we need your solidarity. As you can imagine, missing any opportunity is not an option to us, and there is no way we can’t offer our son anything relevant regarding his specific sickness.


We warmly thank you in advance for your help and support.


Love from Brittany, France.


Eléna and Mathias Lemercier. 



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