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Airbus solidarity project in Vietnamese schools - Raid Amazone 2019

Organisé pour : Schools in Da Nang province

Welcome to this fundraising! 


From the 11th of October till 20th of October,  4 women sponsored by Airbus are going to participate to the Raid Amazone in Vietnam.


For Emilie, Katharina, Marta and Maud, this adventure is a way to show that motivation, trust and solidarity can inspire strength and make people able to achieve great and meaningful projects, in personal life as in professional contexts.


This solidarity project is based on two opportunities:


  1. To install solar panels for schools in Da Nang province & provide awareness on solar energy
  2. To provide 3D printing capabilities to schools in Da Nang province & provide awareness on new technologies and design engineering


These opportunities have been chosen to address the following message:

  • Encourage curiosity, teamwork & effort in the daily life
  • Importance of education and innovation, getting used to new ways of working
  • Support economic growth by buying from local manufacturers
  • Awareness to environment conservation


To support us in this project, we need to raise funding. This funding will be used to:


  • buy solar panels and materials locally as well as to contract a local company to do the design => estimated funding is 700€ per installation for a total load up to 600 Whrs.
  • buy 3D printers from a local manufacturer => estimated funding is 700€ per printer

Thank you for your support

Organisé par

Maud Didnee