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A small ONG looking after orphans and abandoned children needs your help.

Organised for: Bruno Weckeman



Located 2 days by car from Ulaanbataar, a small NGO is devoting its time to taking care of 45 children, between a few months to 18 years old. These children are orphans or have been abandoned by their families, who did not have the means to care for them. The team occasionally receives volunteers who come to lend a hand, but today the children are in dire need of locally made clothing and equipment that can stand up to the freezing -24°C to -45°C Mongolian winters. Finding these items elsewhere that can stand up to these temperatures would be largely unattainable, let alone sending them; fundraising is their only chance to spend the coming winter in comfort.


We are aware that everyone is going through difficult times today. But if thousands of people spared €1 right now, the difficult lives of these children could drastically change for the better.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for thinking of them and for your help. For those of you who would like to provide aid on-site, please leave a message.




Organised by

Marie Rouget