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Against islamophobia in France: We need your support!

Against islamophobia in France: We need your support!

"What is being waged is a political war against Muslims" Yasser Louati, President of the CJL, France

We need your help to finance grassroots activism: research and investigation to expose illegal government activities, political education to train community organizers, mobilisation campaigns across France and through international institutions.

As France's President Emmanuel Macron is pushing for tougher anti-Muslim legislation and is getting support from other European nations like Belgium and Austria, we cannot afford to let communities disempowered.

Thousands of Muslim homes, places of worship and businesses were brutally raided during the state of emergency of 2015. And as the trauma endured by communites is far from having been properly assed, police raids have been launched again agianst Muslim communities, NGO's and representatives as these lines are being written. As a blatant sign of discriminatory policies, the Minister of Interior recently declared that "we have nothing on these people, but we are just sending a message"

The CJL was launched in 2016 by Yasser Louati, a seasoned human rights activist with a proven track record on matters of cracism, national security and social justice. We have successfully exposed racism in government institutions through fearless investigations and campaigns. Following the death of Mrs Sabine Vorin, a city employee from the West Indies who was found lifeless on her workplace, we exposed the municipality's responsibility and how the Mayor covered up the story. Our revelations on police brutality in the town of Colombes lead to a major shift in local politics culminating in the ousting of the Mayor who was using the city police as a militia to keep ethnic minorities in check.

Despite having no platform in France to bring a counter narrative to the constant demonization of Muslims and normalisation of (what was once) far right policies, we have managed to shed light on islamophobia in France though international platforms in both english and arabic.

However, our means are very limited. We have so far relied on volunteer work but we need more than ever to hire professionals to make our work more sustainable. Our President Yasser Louati is already facing 3 trials, been indicted twice and arrested once for doing his work. With the ongoing repression against Muslims as France is becoming an authoritarian state, the situation will only get worse.

The CJL Mission

"To create the necessary conditions for solidarity actions leading to anew and fair social contract for all, by all available means."

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