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"Elisa invites.." Argentine folklore in pandemic era breaks down borders!!

"Elisa invites.." Argentine folklore in pandemic era breaks down borders!!

Elisa Invites ...

Quarantine and social distancing have become great opportunities that make us discover new ways of meeting, understanding and learning."Elisa invites..." is a project that I would never have thought of if it were not for this global situation that we are currently experiencing.Every week I will invite an Argentinian who can tell us, on a chat platform, something more about the magnificent world of Argentine folklore. There will be important musicians, dancers, supporters of culture, but also ordinary people who in one way or another can tell us about Argentine folklore that we cannot find in books or manuals. There will be moments of music and dance, stories and tales, but above all, there will also be the opportunity to ask questions in real-time. Everything will be bi-lingual - Castellan and Italian and will take place in "Europe time".The soul of this project is to consolidate a cultural and artistic bond which started some years ago with "Adentroo!!" which has already taken us on a virtual journey to the different provinces of Argentina.Currently, the journey continues through its characters, and I assure you that they are very interesting!

The firsts artists confirmed are: Peteco Carabajal, Horacio Roman Quispe, Cuti Carabajal, and Juan Saavedra, much more are coming!

This whole project is made with my passion and my love for Argentine folklore, by supporting this project, all money will be used to organize Argentine folklore's artists tour in Europe.

Thank you soo much

Elisa Pavin

How to see "Elisa invites.."?

👉 On my facebook page, - conecta Argentina y Europa, be sure to activate all notifications, I'll create a facebook event for each interview

👉 On my Youtube Channel

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