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#Accoglienza2018 - Spiagga, sole e medicine!

Organizado para : Rio de Oro Onlus

Welcome to our #Accoglienza2018 crowdfunding campaign !


Summer is finally coming with its sunny weather and bright colours. For years and years now, Rio de Oro has been spreading hope and joy in the hearts of the voluntaries and the Sahrawi children that come to the summer camp in Grottammare.


This year too, we hope to renew this adventure in the best conditions possible — 18 children are coming and for some of them it will be the first time that they leave their homes and families in the Sahwari refugee camps! Two operations are planned and a lot of physiotherapy sessions, amongts plenty of ice cream degustations, games and beach excursions! 


However, before that, there is a long trip ahead of them. Our little sweeties will have to cross Algeria and the Mediterranean sea, and plane tickets from the Sahara to Europe have a high cost, around 500 euros round trip. To make sure every child gets his chance to come to Italy, we need your help !  

So we are launching a crowfunding campaign: 12 plane tickets are still missing, as six of them were already paid by private donators. For each 500 euros reached, we will show you the face of one of our sweeties that your donation has helped reach to Italy. 


Make your donation in one click and share it online !

You give what you want, and you'll get to see all the photos of our lovely little cuties. Thank you all.


*Important note: If we are able to overpass the initial amount, all the money will directly go to the Summer camp program (food, medicines, etc...)


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